What People Say…


About Roy Street Group

 “Roy Mann is a trusted friend and colleague. Through my strategic advisory firm, Cliffspringer, we have collaborated on projects for organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and the UN Office for Partnerships. A known leader in the area of global health real estate and facilities, Roy excels at convening individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds, delivering exceptional results.”

Howard Warren Buffett, International & Public AffairsColumbia University


“For our global headquarters, Roy became a valued member of our team and facilitated the identification of a durable long term solution. He was a key member of the team negotiating a deal structure that enables us to better manage our facilities costs in a sustainable, energy efficient building that’s sure to set the stage for our future growth. Roy Mann and PATH were well matched on this project.”

Dr. Chris Elias, President, Global DevelopmentBill &  Melinda Gates Foundation


“Roy excelled at forging cooperative relationships with program, operations, and regional office teams — for Microsoft’s complex Latin America portfolio of 41 sites in 21 countries — enabling Microsoft to do more with less.”

Amy Trulson, former Workplace Strategist Microsoft


“As operations leader for the Seattle-based, global health non-profit, PATH, I worked with Roy on several relocations for PATH and in particular the most recent move from Ballard to South Lake Union. PATH was on a long-term growth trajectory which meant its Ballard facility was becoming insufficient by half. We engaged Roy to assess our needs and consider all feasible alternatives within the scope of our strategic priorities which included attracting talent, building brand, and supporting our sustainability.

We engaged in many conversations with owners about available space, projects under construction, and pre-developed parcels. Roy was very effective in helping us consider all alternatives and bringing in key additional resources to make sure the economics of the complex deals worked and were understood. In the end, Roy brought before us an incredible opportunity that we would not have seen as possible before, and led our negotiations to make it a reality. This conclusion was a result of many market factors and was complicated by our desire to include a sustainability component (where we might actually make some money), but Roy was key in managing the complexity of many options, many players, and especially understanding the non-commercial mindset (ours).

Roy has differentiating strengths. First he is a classic “connector” in the Malcolm Gladwell “The Tipping Point” sense. He knows an incredibly broad spectrum of people and is able to leverage that diverse network into client success. Second, he understands and can work with multiple cultures whether they be pure capitalists, mission-driven charities, service-oriented municipalities, religious groups, or membership organizations like Rotary. It was these strengths that set Roy apart from his competitors and made the PATH experience optimal.”

Eric G. Walker, Vice President, Corporate Services – PATH


“Roy Mann was a Jesuit and is a friend. He worked for CBRE for some time doing extensive real estate work for PATH and Microsoft. If you need a real estate and commercial project deal maker, this is down Roy’s line.”

Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J., PresidentSeattle University


 “I have known Roy since he was 5 years old, and I’ve watched him grow as a leader in the Seattle Rotary where he directed a Program Committee of 15 civic, business, and community leaders — solving problems in a multiple stakeholder environment, and dealing with egos. Roy is a beta leader who can see things through others’ lenses, but he can step into the alpha role and drive projects when asked. As Chief Operating Officer of Harbor Properties, serving on the Board of the Downtown Seattle Association, I joined a coalition of business, labor and community leaders  in the bonding but unsuccessful fight against the CAP Initiative, which set strict growth limits for downtown Seattle. Many on the other side of that conflict came to reconsider their position.  As downtown Seattle goes through another wave of transformation, from a waterfront rebuild to a growing population demanding transit, I am glad we have leaders like Roy who know how to form strong community partnerships that serve the public interest. “

Dorothy Bullitt, Senior Lecturer and Distinguished PractitionerEvans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington


I worked with Elizabeth on a key project in the domain of innovations for the poor. Elizabeth made extensive contributions to the project in the form of sample set identification, conducting interviews with founders and key stakeholders among social enterprises, creating mind-maps and interpreting the results. She made notable value additions by building the strategy of the overall model and provided creative thought leadership to the group, which resulted in high quality results.”

Dr. Jai Ganesh, Director – Cognizant Technology Solutions


 “Elizabeth is an amazing individual to work with! She has energy, drive, and true dedication! I’ve had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth on several occasions with the work that we do as board members of the World Affairs Council and it’s always been productive, clear, and very engaging.”

Omar Ayoub, Young Professionals International Network – Microsoft